How much does it cost?

Our pricing is customized based on your vertical and customer base. We work with you to develop a go to market strategy that will win you more business. 2.90% + $.30 is not always the answer.

Do you share revenue?

Yes! Increase your CLTV overnight. We also have custom enterprise level plans for platforms doing more than $100m in annual credit card volume. 

How do we integrate?

We are working hard to make integration as easy as possible. We have a very simple and customizable iframe for transactions and easy API’s for reporting. We also have a merchant facing portal if you want us to handle it all. We haven’t publically released our API’s yet but they are coming.

What payment methods can we accept?

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and ACH.

How does the deposit of funds to merchant work?

We control the remittance of funds. Settlement funds come to our clearing account then we disperse to the merchants.

Are fees taken out daily from deposits?

We can remove fees daily or monthly. Lots of options here and you’re involved in the decision.

Do you charge the merchant or do we for fees?

We do. This could include fees for your services as well.

What do we need to build?

At minimum, you would need to develop to our transaction api and add a button to your app that links to our onboarding process. Then, setup a webhook to receive the sub account information from us and the circle is complete.

Does my company need to be U.S. based?

No, but your merchants will need to be U.S. based. International processing is on the roadmap though.

Automate invoicing?

Yes, we can handle all the recurring billing for your customers and for you to bill your customers. (You’ll definitely get a better price than 2.90% + $.30)

Transfer data from other gateway?

Yes, if your current gateway is willing to provide the credit card info in an encrypted method we can transfer to our gateway.

Do I need to be PCI Compliant?

Any company that accepts credit card payments is required to be PCI compliant. This could be as simple as completing an annual questionnaire. Our transaction API will keep you out of scope for PCI Level 1 as no card data will pass through your servers.

Are you PCI Compliant?


Can I white label your platform?

This is possible if you want to register as a payment facilitator. We can walk you through the registration process with our bank partners.

What makes you better than Stripe?

We love Stripe. They’ve blazed the trail with online payments. We are small and nimble enough to be able to take a custom approach with our clients to help them implement a fantastic digital payment experience for their customers.

What’s on your roadmap?

Lots of very neat features. We don’t want to say too much as our competitors are listening.

Can you do card present?

Working to solve this problem as we speak. It will be in 2019.

When are you launching?

We will take our test client live in February. After successful testing we would move to a Beta stage in March, April, and May with a full launch in June 2019.


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