Navigate the Payments Solar System

Payment processing is fragmented and confusing. We take the headache out of payment processing so you can focus on building your business. Let us figure out the dots, and connect them.

Who needs Jupiter?

Any software that accepts payments. We help create unique digital payment experiences for our clients so they can impress and find new customers. 

  • Have a marketplace that needs to split and settle payments to multiple parties?
  • Have software that needs to add a surcharge to a transaction and separate that from the merchant funding?

We can do that along with many other cool things.

One Platform, everything you need to manage payments.

Instant Merchant Boarding

Frictionless on boarding. Embed the merchant account signup process into your product's signup. Reduce merchant abandonment by removing the barrier of signing up for a merchant account.

Gateway Features

We have all the cool gateway features you are accustomed to including recurring billing, tokenization, and advanced fraud tools.


This is important. Nothing irritates merchants more than not getting their money. We are transparent and straightforward with funding in 24 - 48 hours. We can also split payments with multiple payees and 3rd party beneficiaries

Customized Pricing

Each of our relationships are different. We can customize the pricing to specifically fit your merchant demographic and increase the lifetime value of a customer by sharing revenue.

Compliance and Risk

You're probably not a risk expert, but we are. We handle all of this stuff while you continue to run your business. Let us stay up at night worrying about fraudulent transactions.


Forget about those impossible to read merchant statements. Our reporting is simple and east to read.

Why use Jupiter?

Jupiter is fully customizable, easy to integrate, and has a flexible modular design, built for complex payment models. Did we mention we share revenue with our clients? It seems your customer lifetime value just went up. Bring on the next funding round.


We work with you every step of the way to develop a payment program tailored to you needs.


Not sure if your customers will fit into a frictionless onboarding model? Some business models don’t! We have a inside sales team that can work directly with your customers to make sure this is the right fit for them.


We take a data driven approach to determine the pricing floor based on industry costs. We collaborate with you to set the go-to-market strategy based on your objectives and then we work to develop a custom pricing program that is right for your customers.


Do you have a unique model that won’t fit into our standard service model. Let’s talk about it! We are happy to design a custom service model for you when it makes sense.

Ready to get started?

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